FaZe Clan announces cooperation with MoonPay

North American esports organization FaZe Clan announces the start of cooperation with MoonPay. As part of the transaction, the payment system will act as the organization's official partner for cryptocurrency and NFT. FaZe Clan is expected to leverage the MoonPay infrastructure for its future digital initiatives.

FaZe Clan will also partner with MoonPay to develop a digital goods business called FaZe Forever. According to the press release, the business will focus on three main pillars - Curating & Collecting, Creating & Collaborating and Spotlighting & Elevating.

Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan:“We are focused on creating cultural and community digital goods and NFT businesses that excite our fans and express the FaZe brand in new and innovative ways. As a leading voice in youth culture, it is vital that we also fulfill our responsibility to protect our community as the world begins to embrace Web3. Our partnership with MoonPay addresses both of these challenges, creating a solid foundation and safe path for our journey into the metaverse. "

The FaZe Clan and MoonPay partnership includes a series of content and media that will launch early next year. MoonPay is integrating into existing content on the FaZe Clan platform and the two brands will create new original content tailored for the FaZe Clan community. The plans include new original content franchises, events targeting content creators and talent, and campaigns that bring fandom into the FaZe Clan esports teams.

In addition, FaZe Clan will also leverage MoonPay's expertise in crypto, NFT, and security to help educate their community and share knowledge on how to navigate the digital world.

Note that this is the first time FaZe Clan has partnered with a crypto-industry company, following in the footsteps of a number of well-known esports organizations such as Fnatic, TSM, Astralis, NAVI, Ninjas in Pajamas and Team Liquid.