GameSquare and FaZe Clan Merge in Groundbreaking Deal, Shaping the Future of Esports

The shareholders of GameSquare, the parent organization of Complexity, have unanimously approved the merger with FaZe Clan. This move brings the two companies closer to finalizing their merger, pending the fulfillment of standard closing conditions. This development follows GameSquare's announcement of their intention to acquire FaZe Clan, a decision made in the context of FaZe's financial difficulties after an unsuccessful public debut. Valued at around $17 million, this acquisition signifies a significant shift in the esports landscape.

In anticipation of this merger, PGL, the organizer of Major Counter-Strike tournaments, mandated that all competing teams disclose any potential conflicts of interest before the RMR events. In response, Complexity's CEO, Jason Lake, issued a statement acknowledging the possible conflict of interest between Complexity and FaZe Clan. He assured that measures would be taken to prevent these conflicts from affecting fair competition.

This acquisition places GameSquare in a unique position, owning both Complexity and FaZe Clan, which could potentially violate ESL and the Counter-Strike Major's conflict of interest rules. ESL and BLAST, another esports organizer, have expressed their intentions to closely observe the merger's impact on the competitive scene.