Vici Gaming put Fade on transfer

Representatives of the esports club Vici Gaming announced the nomination of the current captain of the Dota 2 Pan "Fade" Yuya for a transfer. The management told the fans about the details of the transition as soon as the Chinese eSportsman’s contract was redeemed by another club.

Not so long ago, Pan announced his retirement after dropping off with the transfer to Royal Never Give Up, but representatives of the organization asked not to take seriously the player’s words.

Panya's contract is of interest to Royal Never Give Up and Team Aster, but the parties have not yet confirmed this information.

Current Vici Gaming squad is:

Pan "Fade" Yu (put up for transfer)
Zhang "Paparazi" Chenzhong
Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang
Zhou "Yang" Haiyang
Ding "Dy" Tsun