Team Singularity changed their roster

In the press release, the language barrier became the main reason for the player to leave. It is difficult for an e-sportsman to communicate with his teammates in English, in connection with which he decided that he should continue his path in another team. What he will be replaced subsequently is still unknown.

Yume became part of Team Singularity at the end of November last year. Over the past two months, he as part of this team took part in several not the largest championships. At GG.Bet Championship and Rivalry Winter Blast, he took second places and received prizes of $3,500 and $4,250, respectively. He was less fortunate in Maincast Winter Brawl and Singularity took 3-4th place, receiving a reward of $2,500, and in the selections for the Major- and Minor-tournament the team failed at all.

With the departure of Yume, the composition of Team Singularity is as follows:

Alexey 'Zitraks' Ischenko
Steve 'Excalibur' Ye
Mickey 'HesteJoe-Rotten' Mørch Janget
Dino 'dnz' Šhavuk