DreamHack will be engaged in holding weekly tournaments

A well-known tournament operator announced the launch of a series of open online tournaments for Dota 2, which will be held every week from August 1 to September 29. The total prize fund of the competition will be $ 9,000.

Anyone from any region can take part in open tournaments from DreamHack. Their only obstacle can be high ping, since all matches will be held on European servers. For each weekend, there will be two qualifying rounds, within which $ 250 will be awarded. Qualification winners will play in two finals, which will be held twice: once in August and once in September. The best teams will go to the grand final, the prize fund of which will be $ 2,000. His actions will unfold on September 29.

As a bonus, all duel lovers will be provided with 1x1 competitions. They will be held every Wednesday, and their prize fund will be $ 50.

Streaming these matches according to the regulations will not be prohibited. In the final tournament, DreamHack will broadcast.