Dota 2 changed matchmaking

Now in the game search by roles is available for everyone. This feature was previously available only with a Dota Plus subscription.

Now, the team received rating points will be divided between the players depending on their chosen role. If the developers of the game transfer the changed matchmaking to the next season, then for each role a separate rating calibration will be required.

This decision was made due to the fact that Valve is considered an insignificant influence on the rating game together with its partner. Work on finding rivals in the MMR continues.

After the season comes to an end, the developers of the MOBA discipline will change the matchmaking system based on player feedback. In addition to introducing a correct search, Valve promised to do everything in their power in order to overcome abusers, smurfs and other unwanted guests of rating matches.

The second part of the in-game client update will be released soon. It will fix a significant number of bugs, and also add several functions that simplify the game.