China decides to seriously fight Dota 2 match-fixing

Esports today is actively developing and has long been the subject of interest to a wide audience. A lot of people professionally engage in bets and invest serious money in it. There are bookmakers, such as , for example , which accept bets on eSports events.

Ordinary fans and bettors suffer from agreements

It has long been no secret to anyone that there are people who engage in e-sports scams. More specifically: they organize contractual matches, the outcome of which is known to a certain circle of people involved in the scheme, even before the end of the event. Honest bettors suffer losses due to “agreements”; in addition, the reputation of teams and players suffers.

In the English-speaking world, this phenomenon is known as matchfixing. Often participants in scandals related to match fixing are players from the CIS and China. Contractual matches are blamed by the eSports community, and organizers and participants in fraudulent schemes are punished.

The lie detector will reveal the fraudulent schemes

Last week, Jack KBBQ Chen, the manager of the e-sports team Newbee.TI9, shared information on how China is struggling with the so-called “322 ″ - contractual matches. According to Chen, in order to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon, the authorities use drastic measures: professional players in Dota 2 undergo a polygraph survey.

“In China, they are trying to deal with fraudulent matches in e-sports. Randomly selected players, among which there are "doters", will pass a survey with a lie detector. I hope that no one will be caught in such violations and all this will help prevent the organization of fraudulent matches in the future, ”Chen said. He also expressed hope that there would be no “false positive results” and that this verification scheme could work effectively. The manager of Newbee.TI9 did not name the specific names of the cybersportsmen who underwent such verification, and it is also unknown whether the results of the polls will be announced. Perhaps such measures will work, and the players themselves will think several times before participating in the “agreements”. Ordinary fans of DotA 2 will only benefit from this, having the opportunity to follow an interesting and honest game.

About 322

Quite often, dummy schemes are revealed during the game itself or upon its completion. The most high-profile event related to match fixing in DotA 2 was the famous scandal involving player Alexei Solo Berezin. In 2013, playing for the RoxKis team in a match against zRage, he intentionally merged the game. Later it turned out that Solo made a bet at the bookmaker, having set $ 100 against his team by a coefficient of 3.22. The story received a great response, because up to this point in domestic e-sports there were no such precedents. At least proven. Berezin was banned for life at all tournaments, but then they softened the measure of restraint, having suspended him from participating in the championships for 1 year. This situation gave rise to the famous “322” meme in gaming circles - these numbers essentially became a household name for fake matches.

Fair game

We cited one proven fact of match fixing in an eSports environment. Unfortunately, there are many more. It is important that the esports community and tournament organizers are seriously addressing the problem and trying to eradicate this phenomenon. We hope that in the future eSports will be free from fraudulent schemes, and fans will be able to enjoy an honest and entertaining game.