Ame played 28 public matches in a day

Xtreme Gaming's carry player, Van "Ame" Chunyu, participated in nearly 30 matches in the Dota 2 ranked game within a single day, catching the attention of Reddit fans.

Following the gaming session, the esports athlete displayed results of 17 losses and 11 wins. Ame predominantly chose Troll Warlord (3-3), Slark (0-3), and Morphling (2-1) during these matches.

Ame played 28 public matches in a day 1

Chunyu is actively refining his gaming skills since his return to the professional arena. By the end of December 2023, the carry player engaged in 116 matches over eight days, maintaining an average success rate of 50%. However, by the time the news was published, his win rate had dropped to 43.9%.

In late 2023, Ame made a comeback to professional esports after a 12-month hiatus, taking on the role of the new carry player for Xtreme Gaming. Chunyu replaced Daniel "Ghost" Chan Kok Huna, who departed from the team following the club's unsuccessful attempt to qualify for The International 2023.