Battle Pass Update Released

On the night of September 14, the Battle Pass update for the upcoming The International 2022 was released. Users massively complained that it was too difficult to level up this year, and the developers checked the statistics and made changes.

From now on, it has become easier for users who spend little time in the game to get levels.

The developers have added a weekly bonus that counts points for the match played - in case of victory, you get 200 battle points, and in case of defeat, 100. points.

The weekly challenge update looks like this:

Valve representatives also recommended to focus their efforts on bonus weeks because that's where you can earn a large number of points.

In Dota Plus, bugs due to which it was impossible to purchase bonus items have been fixed. From now on, everything should work as it should, and everyone who has played at least one match since the release of the Battle Pass has been given a week of free Dota Plus subscription.