BoraNija burned on Xcalibur: "I'll smash your face if we see you"

The incident and conflict between BoraNija and Xcalibur occurred in regular ranked matchmaking. Xcalibur took the Refresher Shard from Roshan on the Weaver instead of leaving the item for BoraNija on Doom. After that, BoraNija promised to smash Xcalibur's face upon meeting, and in voice chat he threatened to destroy his artifacts.

Xcalibur plays in the second DPC (Western Europe) division for Team Bald Reborn, and BoraNija for Chicken Fighters. This fight will be very interesting after the current situation between these players, given that they are mid lanes.

It is not yet known when Chicken Fighters and Team Bald Reborn will play against each other in the second DPC division from Western Europe.