Kaka reports inactive after failing in open qualifiers

The first and only open qualifier in China has started today, but for MDY's stellar mix, the qualifier is over. back in October, kaka occupied the top 4 with iG at The International 10, and a month later he does not even make it to the second division, he does not have a second attempt.

Kaka notes that he has been on the professional stage for almost 7 years, took part in 5 tournaments of The International series, and called the results acceptable.

Kaka: "It's so exhausting to be a pro player right now. I'm going to take it easy and stream."

Kaka has vowed to "continue chasing the dream" when the opportunity arises in the future. Together with iG, he became the champion of ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021, and the main achievement is the top 4 at The International 10. During his career, Kaka managed to earn $ 2,348,444.