KuCyJIbKu have assembled a roster to participate in the open qualifiers

On the team registration site, an entertaining lineup appeared under the KuCyJIbKu tag. The roster includes: XBOCT, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Iceberg, Sh4dowehhh and Cridoz. The players plan to participate in the open qualifier for the second division in the CIS - DPC 2021/2022.

ALWAYSWANNAFLY and Iceberg last played NAVI last season, Cridoz is a little-known carry. Completed the roster Sh4dowehhh and XBOCT. This is definitely a squad for one qualification, they are unlikely to go to the decisive matches for the closed qualifiers.

The first open qualifier for DPC 2021/2022 in the CIS starts on November 26, and it is there that we will see the KuCyJIbKu mix in action.

Complete KuCyJIbKu Mix