Nigma Galaxy will keep roster for new DPC 2021/2022

As insiders said, Nigma Galaxy will kick off the new DPC season 2021/2022 with no lineup changes. Earlier, there was one rumor about iLTW leaving, and Gabbi was supposed to replace him. However, after a while, the same insider said that Nigma Galaxy will keep the roster.

KuroKy doesn't like to change the roster very often, especially when he and these guys stopped one step away from The International 10. For the whole of 2021, Nigma Galaxy made only one substitution, w33 went to the bench, and he was replaced by iLTW, Miracle then started playing mid.

The closest tournament for Nigma Galaxy will be the start of the DPC season in Western Europe - the first division.

Nigma Galaxy roster for the upcoming DPC 2021/2022