OG Extends Contract with F1KU until 2025

OG has announced the extension of the contract with Masey "F1KU" Miklash until the end of 2025. This information was published on social media platforms.

We're thrilled to announce the contract extension of one of our key players for another year! Maciej is a crucial part of our team. His contribution over the past two years has been invaluable and we're looking forward to what the new season brings!


Representatives of OG emphasized the significance of F1KU for the team over the past two years. Under his leadership, OG won several online leagues and achieved high placements in international tournaments, including the BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022.

F1KU also commented on the news, calling OG a fantastic organization.

OG Esports is an amazing organization with great people who have always taken great care of me. We’ve had ups and downs as a team, but I’ll do my best to make them all happy and proud of that team.

F1KU joined OG in May 2022 and became an integral player in the team. Alongside him, OG's roster includes:

Despite the encouraging words from OG's owners, the team has not shown significant results at the tier-1 level recently. Many analysts have expressed negative opinions about the team's management. As for F1KU, his recent performance has not been impressive, with his statistics being far from exemplary.

F1KU's Recent Statistics

  • Rating 2.0: 0.99 (Bottom 40%, 33rd percentile)
  • Kills per round: 0.62 (Bottom 40%, 31st percentile)
  • Headshots: 58.1% (Top 25%, 80th percentile)
  • Maps played: 48 (Average, 72nd percentile)
  • Deaths per round: 0.70 (Below average, 40th percentile)
  • Rounds contributed: 71.7%