BLAST has no plans to change the number of tournaments after the ban on partner competitions

The interview with BLAST Commissioner Andrew Haworth, conducted for HLTV, revealed the company's plans for 2025, coinciding with the implementation of new Valve regulations concerning partner tournaments in CS 2.

We're in the early stages, but we're considering a format where the current number of events will likely remain, albeit with expanded formats. There will be more matches, more teams, and we're looking to host more games in front of audiences and fans. While our finals will have pinnacle moments, all our events will likely exist separately but be interconnected in a way that allows for an engaging storyline."

Haworth also mentioned that BLAST and Abu Dhabi Gaming are working on a long-term strategy to build a gaming ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.

"We're developing a long-term strategy with Abu Dhabi Gaming and actively working on it. They've put tremendous effort into creating a comprehensive gaming ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and the region as a whole. They're at the core of all this work, starting with collaborations with publishers, local game developers, and culminating in organizing esports tournaments and hosting major international events like the World Final.

Having such a partner with whom we can collaborate, exchange ideas, and contribute to the gaming industry's development overall is fantastic. I want BLAST Premier to become the best esports event globally, but I also want esports to be the most captivating form of entertainment. Hopefully, we'll continue down this path with them and accomplish even more together in the coming years.