DreamHack Tours 2020 was canceled due to coronavirus

The president of the French branch of DreamHack wrote an open letter to the public in which he announced his intention to comply with the precautions indicated by the World Health Organization regarding the limitation of the spread of coronavirus. He also said that the cancellation of DreamHack Tours 2020 was influenced by instructions issued by the French Ministry of Health, prohibiting mass meetings, the number of participants exceeding the threshold of 1000 people.

DreamHack does not plan to cancel other championships yet, but they do not exclude the possibility of changing the schedule and format of tournaments to suit the requirements of the World Health Organization.

DreamHack France will return money to the audience for the tickets purchased. Those who managed to book hotel rooms, plane tickets and more, will have to solve their problems on their own.

A couple of days ago, DreamHack representatives said that DH Dallas 2020, which is scheduled for May 22-24, should take place as intended. There are no prerequisites for the cancellation of the event.