Rumor: NBK- could become a MOUZ player

Guillaume 'neL' Canelo, citing his own sources, claims that NBK-can join the MOUZ MOUZ roster, remember that he became a player in Valorant on June 29 this year. At the moment, Nathan Schmitt has an active contract with the esports club OG, which will soon come to an end. For this reason, neL's information may be true. In addition, the French insider has proven many times that his information can be trusted.

MOUZ will have to keep only two players from their CS: GO roster to play in the new year. Chris 'dexter' Nong and David 'frozen' Chernyansky will remain at the club. Adam 'torzsi' Torzhsas will defend the MOUZ colors in place of the retired Frederick 'acoR' Guildstrand. Aurimas 'Bymas' Pipiras, according to various rumors, may also complete his journey with MOUZ. He will likely be replaced by John 'JDC' De Castro, but he is not the only candidate for the outgoing Bymas.

The CS: GO roster of MOUZ in 2022 may look like this: