FalleN, Stewie2K and Grim were excluded from the starting CS: GO roster of Team Liquid

There have been some interesting changes in the Team Liquid roster. The management of the club decided that the time of playing FalleN, Stewie2K and Grim in the starting lineup came to an end. According to Steve Perimot, it is not yet known what will happen next with the CS: GO roster, but he will tell about the replacement of the trinity in the near future.

There are already many rumors on the Internet about what will happen to the players and who will replace them. According to them, Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo will reunite with his Brazilian teammates Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga and Lincoln 'fnx' Lau. Jackie 'Stewie2K' Yip will likely head off to pursue his career at Evil Geniuses, and Michael 'Grim' Vince at Complexity Gaming.

As for the new players of Team Liquid, Nicholas 'nitr0' Cannellas may appear in the CS: GO roster of the American organization, who practically became the face of Liquid from 2015 to 2020, when he defended the honor of the club. He can be accompanied by the Frenchman Richard 'shox' Papillon.

Team Liquid in the last roster performed at BLAST Premier World Final 2021, where they took 5-6 places and earned a reward of $ 15,000. In the fight for reaching the third round of the lower bracket, they lost 1-2 in the fight against Heroic.

Team Liquid's current roster: