Call of Duty Enters the Mecha Universe: Gundam Skins Set to Revolutionize Season 4!

Recent leaks are stirring excitement among Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone fans with a preview of an upcoming crossover featuring the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Scheduled for Season 4, this collaboration introduces Call of Duty skins inspired by the renowned Gundam mecha.

Call of Duty, a global gaming phenomenon, frequently engages in collaborations, and the partnership with Gundam is no exception. Gundam itself is a pivotal mecha anime franchise under Bandai Namco, which aims to leverage Call of Duty’s vast audience to introduce Gundam’s distinctive concepts and aesthetics to a broader viewership, including potential new fans.

Details of the crossover were leaked by the Call of Duty news source, CharlieIntel, revealing promo images of three new Gundam-themed operator skins set to debut in Season 4. Unlike the near-direct adaptations seen in past crossovers, such as with Warhammer 40K, these skins creatively merge Call of Duty's tactical design with the vibrant and iconic mecha designs from Gundam. The operator skins resemble elaborate Gundam cosplay, integrating typical combat gear with thematic elements like armor and helmets from the anime.


The skins draw inspiration from classic figures within the Gundam universe. Two skins are modeled after the mobile suits from the original 1979 series—The RX-78-2 Gundam, piloted by Amuro Ray, and the MS-06S Zaku II, piloted by his rival Char Aznable. The third skin features the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial from the newer series, The Witch From Mercury.

Additionally, these skins come with weapon visuals that echo the anime’s famous armaments. The RX-78-2 skin includes a shield resembling the Gundam's iconic red shield with a star insignia and a beam saber in vibrant pink. The Zaku II skin colors two firearms in striking red and includes the Zaku's "Heat Hawk" axe. The Gundam Aerial skin adds unique touches to a sniper rifle and assault rifle, mirroring visual elements from The Witch From Mercury.