Call of Duty Unleashes Warhammer 40K Mayhem: Epic Skins and Secrets Unveiled

Activision has officially announced that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" and "Warzone" will soon be adorned with Warhammer 40K-themed skins, following months of rumors and data mining that hinted at such a crossover. Back in January, eagle-eyed data miners discovered Warhammer 40K content within the game files, including new medals and loading screens, fueling speculation about an upcoming collaboration between the two iconic franchises. This led many to anticipate a special event featuring Warhammer 40K, with some suggesting it might introduce a new game mode to "Call of Duty."

The anticipation was confirmed by a tweet from the "Call of Duty" Twitter account, showcasing a teaser video that hinted at the inclusion of Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Astra Militarum, and other Warhammer 40K elements as in-game skins. Although specific details and the launch date remain under wraps, the community is buzzing with excitement over the forthcoming content.


Leaks have provided a sneak peek into the event, revealing two Space Marine skins that hint at a possible Juggernaut-focused gameplay for the crossover's game mode, given the skins' bulky design and file names tagged with "juggernaut." Additionally, this collaboration is expected to introduce "Modern Warfare 3's" first Riot Shield blueprint, featuring unique steampunk and religious motifs, a new melee sword weapon, a limited-time game mode, and fresh finishing moves. While these details are yet to be officially confirmed, they offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the Warhammer 40K event might entail.

Meanwhile, "Call of Duty" players are currently engaged in "The Walking Dead" event, which is live until March 6. Though not as expansive as the anticipated Warhammer 40K event or the recent "The Boys" collaboration, it still provides players the opportunity to earn exclusive Walking Dead-themed items through XP gains, adding another layer of excitement to the game's expansive universe.