Call of Duty Rewards Players with Free XP Tokens After Overcoming Game Glitches and Introduces Exclusive Skins and Bundles

Fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have been treated to complimentary double XP tokens as a gesture of goodwill following recent disruptions in gameplay. These disturbances, which occurred on February 23, rendered the game nearly inoperative for much of the day, halting player progression and disabling popular modes such as Zombies, Ranked Play, and Ranked Resurgence. The development teams quickly addressed these issues, restoring normal game functions within 24 hours. In response to the inconvenience, Call of Duty has distributed tokens to players for one hour of double XP, double Battle Pass XP, and double weapon XP, as announced via their Twitter account. Furthermore, an extension of a preceding double XP event was made until the morning of February 27.

These tokens provide an excellent opportunity for players to swiftly advance through the new Season 2 content, including leveling up the latest weapons, the BP50 assault rifle and RAM-9 submachine gun, and unlocking tiers in the Battle Pass. Beyond these compensatory rewards, Call of Duty enthusiasts have additional freebies to claim, such as a Monster Energy-themed operator skin, "The Beast," featuring a motocross outfit in the brand's iconic black and green. This offer is open to all players without platform or subscription restrictions.


Amazon Prime members can further benefit from exclusive rewards through Call of Duty's Prime Gaming bundle, "Saddle Up," which includes a new operator skin among other items. Call of Duty Mobile players who are Prime subscribers can also claim the Puzzle operator skin, with these promotions available until March 21.

In a separate act of reconciliation, Call of Duty has issued partial refunds to purchasers of an overpriced bundle, initially tagged at 3,400 COD Points due to a pricing mistake, alleviating concerns of a new pricing model and reaffirming the error as a one-off incident.