Unleashing the Future: CoD Challengers 2024 Breaks Ground with FACEIT Collaboration and Epic Format Overhaul!

The Call of Duty (CoD) Challengers series, the gateway to professional competition in CoD esports, has revealed its revamped format for the 2024 season.

In a strategic move for the new season, the Challenger and Elite qualifiers of the series will be conducted in collaboration with the online gaming platform FACEIT. Call of Duty Challengers, part of Activision Blizzard's grassroots ecosystem, serves as a crucial stepping stone for aspiring pro players, providing them with opportunities to gain experience and recognition as they aspire to enter the prestigious Call of Duty League.

Having been hosted on the online tournament website GameBattles since its inception in 2019, CoD Challengers faced a change in its hosting platform due to GameBattles' shutdown on January 15th this year. The ESL FACEIT Group has now stepped in to take charge of the Challenger tournaments. While FACEIT Anti-Cheat won't be utilized, the platform assures the competitive CoD community of a seamless experience through the expertise of its tournament operations team.

The 2024 CoD Challengers season will kick off with the Challenger qualifiers, followed by the initiation of eleven online Challengers Cups on January 20th. Open to players from North America, Europe, LATAM, and the Asia Pacific region, the season will also feature two Challengers Opens hosted by the Boston Breach at Major I and the Toronto Ultra at Major II. The Elite tournaments of CoD Challengers will undergo expansion to include three seasons for both North America and Europe, featuring two groups of six teams per season.

The pinnacle of the CoD Challengers 2024 season will be the Finals, maintaining its tradition of featuring 16 teams from all four regions. Teams can secure their spot in the Finals through the regional leaderboard, the Opens, or the Last Chance Qualifier.

FACEIT, established in 2011, is a prominent online competitive gaming platform and has been part of the Saudi-backed ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) since 2022. EFG, alongside respected esports brands such as ESL Gaming and Dreamhack, has been progressively strengthening its presence in the global esports landscape throughout 2023. Notable developments include the integration of FACEIT onto Counter-Strike news provider HLTV.org's website and the acquisition of esports technology and infrastructure provider Vindex in March 2023.