BOOM Esports say goodbye to their Wild Rift players

Indonesia-based esports organization BOOM Esports has broken contracts with four players from its Wild Rift roster ahead of 2022. BOOM Esports may have been known to you for their teams in many disciplines, especially Dota 2.

We learned about this from the official twitter of the organization itself. There they published a farewell post wishing good luck to their former comrades.

Now Taufik 'Tufz', Syauqi 'Xiao Qi' Fathur Rachmat, Rafly 'FlyArthur' Zaidan Fathurrahman, Rendy 'Owenss' Owenn are free agents. BOOM Esports cooperated with each of them within six months.

But such a step does not mean that the organization is leaving Wild Rift. Most likely, for them this is just a new stage in the conquest of the mobile game from Riot Games. A couple of days earlier, on December 9, a new player, Govher 'Gov' Tallulembang Madethen, joined the team for a support role. This means that they are actively looking for new players and very soon we will be able to see a new roster from BOOM Esports for 2022.