Riot Games has Announced a New Map for VALORANT

The company Riot Games has announced that they are preparing to release a new map for the game VALORANT. Their announcement was made on Twitter, accompanied by a cryptic monologue from an agent.

What did I tell ye? One elder grotto Hourglass base courtesy of the journal—and those ‘numpties’ loose lips. Oh and eh, I suppose Cypher helped a wee bit, too.


What is known about the future VALORANT map?

At the moment, there is not much information about the new upcoming map; it will be called Abyss. Additionally, Riot showcased reactions from professional players to the new map, with them reacting extremely emotionally to what the developers showed them but did not reveal to the viewers. The previous concept of the map design with a pit may be reconsidered with Abyss, and players may accidentally (or intentionally) fall off the map.