Team Empire signed Cyber Esport

Representatives of Team Empire announced the signing of an international roster for Valorant. It included four players from Cyber Esport.

Team Empire will now feature Ben 'candys' Baroz, Hampus 'TheBlayder' Eklund, Loco, PoroZoro and JunJun. The latter is the only esportsman who was not with the rest of the players in Cyber Esport.

Previously, Lithuanian Pirsis played in the Cyber Esport roster.

The new composition of Team Empire on Valorant

Players are not experienced or successful esports players. Most of them have earned $24 in their careers, and some of them cannot be found at all in the largest Valorant database.

Dane JunJun stands out against the background of the rest, who has not played with his new teammates before. The esportsman has earned $169 in his career.