TT9 Esports signs former Team Empire roster

British esports organization TT9 Esports has announced their return to the Rainbow Six scene by signing the former Team Empire roster. Recall that the team was officially left without a club at the beginning of the week, although for the past six months they have been playing under the independent tag PWNZ.

Welcome to the new era of TT9 Esports in Rainbow Six. We are more than proud to present our roster for the European League 2022 - Stage 3.

Team PWNZ formed at the start of the season as Team Empire was officially unable to maintain the roster due to sanctions. However, the team showed unimpressive results during the two previous splits, finishing last in the European League 2022 - Stage 1 and European League 2022 - Stage 2 results.

It is worth noting that the British organization TT9 Esports has already been represented in the Rainbow Six discipline. However, for several months the club failed to assemble a combat-ready squad, leaving the scene closer to the summer of last year.

The nearest championship for the Russian team will be the European League 2022 - Stage 3, which will start tomorrow, September 12. As part of the event, the team will compete for one of four tickets to the November Major. In the first week of the competition, TT9 Esports will play with MNM Gaming.

TT9 Esports Rainbow Six roster: