Exciting PUBG Mobile Updates Revealed: New Tournaments, Gameplay Enhancements, and More!

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts can anticipate an array of exciting updates this month, as Level Infinite unveils plans at gamescom latam. James Yang, Senior Director of Global Esports Center at Level Infinite, revealed upcoming weapon enhancements and gameplay refinements, alongside a resurgence of esports tournaments in 2025.

The highlight will be the 2025 PUBG MOBILE Global Open (PMGO) set in Uzbekistan, promising intense competition. For those eager for action sooner, the PUBG MOBILE World Cup (PMWC) kicks off on July 19th in Riyadh, featuring a staggering $3,000,000 prize pool.

In gameplay improvements, players can now heal while driving, enhancing mobility and survival tactics. Moreover, a new Mobile Shop feature allows purchasing a drive key using Shop tokens. Excitement mounts for the introduction of the game's first dual-wield weapon later this year, while current updates include bullet penetration for bolt-action sniper rifles and a revamped P90.

Looking ahead, upcoming updates will introduce the Werewolf Vs Vampire theme in Version 3.4 and the Frozen theme in Version 3.5, promising fresh experiences for players. Stay tuned for these updates and explore our curated list of the best battle royales on Android for more thrilling alternatives!