Sneak Peek at PUBG Mobile's Exciting Version 3.3 Update

Level Infinite, the developers of PUBG Mobile, have teased some exciting features coming in the game-changing version 3.3 update. While they didn't provide direct updates, they hinted at upcoming changes, allowing players to preview the new content on their official social media platforms. Among the teased features, Classic Mode stands out with an intriguing underwater game mode.

Underwater Themed Mode

The developers shared a social media post hinting at a new Point of Interest (POI) in Classic Mode, introducing an underwater location where players can engage in duels to acquire valuable loot. This new feature promises fresh and exciting strategic possibilities.


Payload Mode

Payload Mode is set to receive improvements and changes. Although specifics are not yet clear, significant modifications are anticipated.

Metro Royale, Wow Mode, and Home Improvements

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 3.3 update will also bring new content to Metro Royale, Wow Mode, and Home modes. However, the details remain sparse, as the picture shared by PUBG Mobile does not elaborate on the updates. Despite the cryptic preview, there is speculation that one of these modes could become a significant component of the esports landscape in 2024.

Release Timing

Level Infinite has not announced a specific release time for the update, adding to the excitement and anticipation among players.