PUBG Mobile x LINE Friends Extravaganza: Unleashing Adorable Mayhem and Exclusive Rewards Until March 3rd, 2024!

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts can now revel in the fusion of gaming excitement and the cherished LINE Friends universe, as the collaboration unfolds from today until March 3rd, 2024. This immersive in-game experience introduces players to a delightful LINE Friends companion, alongside an array of items and sets, complemented by a special event heralding the Year of the Dragon.

Building on the success of their initial partnership in 2021, PUBG Mobile and LINE Friends are once again joining forces to offer a unique blend of themed limited-time events and challenges. This collaboration brings forth a captivating lineup of exclusive LINE Friends items, available for a limited time until March 3rd, 2024.

Players can now elevate their in-game style with the introduction of LINE FRIENDS items, featuring the adorable LINE Friends Buddy SALLY, LINE Friends Dragon SALLY Buddy Set, LINE Friends Dragon BROWN Set, LINE Friends Dragon CONY Set, LINE Friends CHOCO Dress Set, LINE Friends LEONARD Raincoat Set, and the debut of the LINE FRIENDS Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle – the first IP upgradeable motorcycle in the game.

To make the collaboration even more thrilling, PUBG Mobile and LINE Friends present a new IP-themed Royale Pass event Prize Path. By activating the system with a one-time UC spend, players unlock missions, accumulate points, and claim exclusive LINE Friends rewards, including sets like the LINE Friends Dragon BROWN Set and LINE Friends Dragon BROWN Cover.

For those hungry for additional LINE Friends rewards, avatars, avatar frames, and Player Cards can be obtained by collecting specific items through the event. As an added incentive, PUBG Mobile engages players through the LINE Friends Party event, running until February 8th, where completing missions earns them exclusive LINE Friends rewards. Immerse yourself in the world of PUBG Mobile and LINE Friends, where gaming meets charming collaboration until March 3rd, 2024.