PUBG Mobile 3.1 Update Unveiled: P90 Weapon, Arabian Nights Theme, and Night Mode Revolutionize the Battle

The impending arrival of PUBG Mobile's 3.1 update has ignited global excitement among gamers, all eager for the influx of fresh content and challenges it promises. With just a few days until its release, this update is set to introduce a plethora of new features, elevating player engagement and entertainment.

PUBG Mobile 3.1 Update: Anticipated Features and Exciting Changes

New Weapon P90

One standout addition in the upcoming update is the introduction of the P90, a brand-new weapon poised to inject a thrilling dynamic into the gameplay. Acquirable through air drops, the P90 boasts a unique feature – it comes fully equipped without the need for additional attachments, featuring a built-in holographic scope and an impressively rapid firing rate.

New Theme Mode – Arabian Nights

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting Arabian Nights Theme Mode set to grace Erangel in the forthcoming 3.1 update. This feature infuses a mystical ambiance into the battlefield by introducing Arabian-style structures to the familiar map, promising players a distinctive visual and gaming experience.

New Point of Interest (POI)

The 3.1 update goes beyond new weapons and themes, unveiling a fresh Point of Interest (POI) within the game. This unexplored location guarantees intense battles and lucrative loot for those brave enough to step into the fray.

Night Mode

After much anticipation, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts will finally have the chance to experience Night Mode in the upcoming update. Occurring randomly on the Erangel map, Night Mode introduces an extra layer of challenge and excitement as players navigate the darkness.

Aladdin Portal and Flying Carpet

In harmony with the Arabian Nights theme, the 3.1 update introduces the Aladdin Portal, allowing strategic teleportation across the map. Adding a magical twist to the gameplay, the Aladdin Flying Carpet, a new vehicle, enables players to take to the skies and explore the battleground from above.

As the PUBG Mobile community eagerly counts down to the 3.1 update, these exhilarating features are poised to redefine the mobile gaming experience, ensuring that players remain enthralled by the ever-evolving world of PUBG Mobile.