PUBG: Battlegrounds Revamps Gameplay with Electric Rides and Co-op Climbing in Latest Update

Krafton has rolled out a fresh update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, expanding the Rondo map with an electric vehicle, co-op climbing, and various gameplay enhancements. In Update 28.1, players can now experience the electric Pico Bus, requiring periodic recharging at dedicated stations. Co-op climbing introduces collaborative efforts to overcome obstacles, while boosted vaulting facilitates easier mounting onto vehicles.

Moreover, the update brings improvements to the Rondo Market, incorporating First Aid Kits and Energy Drinks into its inventory. The Weapons Dealer undergoes changes, with the removal of the Vector and the introduction of new weapons such as the QBZ, AKM, M249, and more.

In the upcoming March update, the Utility Belt will be eliminated, and adjustments to gunplay, including modifications to the JS9 and shotguns, promise a more balanced gaming experience.