PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Unveils Revolutionary 27.2 Update Featuring Rondo Markets

In a significant breakthrough, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS introduces the highly anticipated 27.2 update, unveiling the innovative Rondo Markets and a groundbreaking Market system. This game-changing feature empowers players to engage in strategic in-game purchases using the newly introduced BR Coin currency, marking the debut of an in-game store within the PUBG universe.

Rondo Markets:

The 27.2 update showcases the introduction of Rondo Markets, a dynamic platform where players can make strategic in-game purchases to enhance their gameplay. The unique BR Coin currency plays a pivotal role in acquiring a diverse array of items crucial for elevating one's chances of victory. The Markets are thoughtfully organized into three tiers, each offering an exclusive selection of products tailored to different player preferences.

BR Coin - Catalyst for Change:

The introduction of BR Coins revolutionizes the in-game economy. Players can earn these coins through various in-game activities, completing missions, or triumphing over Pillar Guardians. BR Coins unlock a plethora of items available for purchase in the game, reshaping the dynamics of player progression.


Exclusive Store Items:

Rondo Markets introduces two exclusive items – the throwable defensive Emergency Shield Cartridge and the versatile War Readiness Kit. These items cater to diverse player strategies, adding layers of depth to the gaming experience.

Ongoing Challenges and Rewards:

To maintain the thrill, players can partake in a variety of in-game challenges, each offering different difficulty levels. Successfully completing challenges rewards players with BR Coins, items, and other exciting rewards, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

EMP Zone:

A unique addition to Rondo, the EMP Zone disrupts most electronic devices, challenging players to navigate the BATTLEGROUNDS without the convenience of electronic gadgets. This strategic addition adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay, requiring players to adapt and strategize effectively.

Spawn Rate Adjustments:

The 27.2 update strategically modifies the spawn rates of specific weapons and vehicles, enhancing the overall gaming experience and ensuring a balanced environment on the Rondo map. These adjustments contribute to a more dynamic and fair gameplay landscape.