Immortals sold Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws have been playing in the Overwatch League since last year.

In June, Immortals bought out Infinite Esports & Intertainment. She owned two e-sports clubs: OpTic Gaming and Houston Outlaws. After that, Immortals became the owners of two compositions for Overwatch: Los Angeles Valiant and Houston Outlaws. Due to the fact that, according to the regulations, Immortals are not eligible to own more than one member of the Overwatch League, management decided to benefit from the sale of Houston Outlaws. Blizzard helped the North American organization make a sale by finding them a buyer in the face of Lee Zieben.

Houston Outlaws are one of the few members of the League for Overwatch, in which only Americans and Europeans play. In the current season, they were unable to perform well in the first two stages, and in the third they were able to reach the playoffs, where they finished the way to the grand final at 5-8 places. There they failed to beat Vancouver Titans, one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch League.