Blizzard Introduces new meta In Overwatch League Matches

Recently there has been such a tendency that DPS heroes on the professional stage are not loved and taken extremely rarely, and all successful teams play according to the 3 + 3 scheme: 3 tanks and 3 support. The reason for this may be too low health indicators on those heroes who are not taken to matches.

The network has leaked information that the new meta, which was originally conceived by the developers of Overwatch, 2 + 2 + 2 will be involved in the final stage of Overwatch League Season 2019.

In all official matches, we will observe two tanks, two supports and two DPS heroes. At the same time, Blizzard tightened the rules for changing characters and roles. Now players will not be able to switch roles during a match, and if they wish, they will only be able to change heroes within their role. The stage will also be made assigned to the roles. If between matches the players will change roles with each other, they will be obliged to change their places on the stage.