Watch: Junkrat's Hilarious '1000 IQ' Stealth Fail in Overwatch 2

An Overwatch 2 player recently shared a humorous clip showcasing a Junkrat's "1000 IQ" stealth attempt that hilariously ended in zero eliminations. While Overwatch 2 isn't typically a game focused on stealth, characters like Sombra can successfully sneak behind enemies. However, this particular Junkrat's attempt was less than successful.

Since its release, Overwatch 2 transitioned the franchise to a free-to-play model, attracting a larger player base. Although some original fans have left due to the lack of single-player content, the community remains robust. Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2 with new characters and seasonal updates, keeping the game fresh. Junkrat, a fan-favorite hero known for his high DPS and explosives, was the focus of this clip, which highlighted a failed combination of his mine jump and trap.

Reddit user KDMKat shared the clip, which took place on the Overwatch 2 Midtown map. The video begins with Kiriko facing Junkrat, who is perched on a rooftop near the enemy spawn. An icon shows Junkrat has placed a trap at one of the spawn exits. However, no enemy players step into it, and the opposing team captures the point and begins escorting the payload. As the enemies progress, Junkrat moves to the next spawn room and sets another trap. After more than two minutes of gameplay with no success, Junkrat abandons the stealth approach to engage the Overwatch 2 Support hero Ana.


Why Wasn’t This Overwatch 2 Player Kicked for Inactivity?

According to KDMKat, a teammate urged others to report Junkrat for inactivity as the enemy team advanced the payload. Although Junkrat's presence was noted early in the match, he was soon forgotten as the enemies pushed forward. Junkrat spent two minutes waiting for someone to step into his trap, contributing neither to halting the enemies nor using any Ultimate abilities. This inactivity allowed the opposing Kiriko to focus on healing their teammates playing the objective.

Despite the failed stealth attempt, the strategy might have worked if the enemy team had been less successful or taken a different route. The clip ends before the payload reaches its final destination, leaving it unclear whether the 4v5 dynamic led to a defeat for Junkrat's team or if they managed to turn the tide.