Overwatch 2 Players Stumble Upon Game-Breaking Venture Bug: Contesting Objectives Underground!

Overwatch 2 players have stumbled upon a major Venture bug that allows them to contest objectives while remaining underground, posing a significant issue for gameplay balance. This isn't the first time Overwatch 2 has grappled with game-altering bugs, with various heroes encountering issues since the game's launch.

Since its early access release on October 4, 2022, Overwatch 2 has faced its fair share of challenges. Just a week into its launch, both Bastion and Torbjorn were temporarily removed due to bugs affecting their abilities. Mei faced a similar fate the following month due to a glitch with her Ice Wall. Even Illari was temporarily disabled earlier this year due to a bug allowing nonstop shooting. These recurring glitches and bugs have marred the player experience in Overwatch 2, with a new hero now thrust into the spotlight due to technical issues.

The latest bug involves Venture, a new damage hero, who can contest objectives while remaining underground after using the Burrow skill. In a clip shared by Overwatch 2 streamer KraandopOW on Twitter, Venture, aided by Mei's Ice Wall, manages to stay perpetually underground, preventing the enemy team from targeting them effectively.


This bug presents a significant challenge for Overwatch 2 players, as Venture remains untargetable while still contesting objectives—a stark contrast to how Sombra's abilities function in the game. In a practical demonstration shared by Twitch streamer Bellaboo, Venture exploits the bug to hinder the enemy team's objective capture efforts while remaining impervious to damage.

As of now, Blizzard has yet to address the Venture bug or confirm any plans for temporary removal from the game. In the meantime, Overwatch 2 players encountering this issue can attempt various strategies to mitigate its impact. These include using Mei's Ice Wall to suspend the enemy Venture underground or employing Hanzo's ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, to deal area damage and disrupt Venture's subterranean advantage.