Revolutionizing Overwatch 2: Fan's Vision Turns Souvenirs into Dynamic Battle Trophies

An Overwatch 2 enthusiast has proposed an inventive way to elevate Souvenirs, a collectible introduced in Season 1 but often overlooked by players. Unlike Weapon Charms, another collectible that adds decorative flair to heroes' weapons, Souvenirs have not been as popular, partly because they replace Emotes, which many players prefer to use.

Reddit user Vindictive-Victim sparked interest with their concept of making Souvenirs more interactive by having them drop at the location where a hero is defeated. They shared mockups featuring a vanquished Tracer, illustrating how various Souvenirs could visibly drop from the character upon defeat. This approach could potentially apply across all game modes, offering a visual reward for eliminating an opponent and leaving a temporary memento of the fallen hero on the battlefield.


This innovative idea could redefine the use of Souvenirs in Overwatch 2, transforming them from a mere cosmetic option to a dynamic part of the gameplay experience. It might also pave the way for new game modes inspired by concepts like Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed, where players collect items from downed enemies. Imagine a mode where players gather fallen Souvenirs to score points or revive teammates, adding strategic depth to matches.

The suggestion has sparked discussions on potential applications, such as a game mode centered around collecting or reviving teammates using these Souvenirs. If Blizzard were to adopt this concept, it could significantly increase the appeal and usage of Souvenirs among the Overwatch 2 community. As the game continues to evolve with more seasons, incorporating such a feature could make Souvenirs a more integral and engaging part of the Overwatch 2 experience, encouraging players to collect and showcase them with newfound enthusiasm.