Funky Doomfist's Shaky Entrance: Unveiling a Quirky Highlight Intro Issue in Overwatch 2

A devoted Overwatch 2 fan has recently uncovered an unusual issue with the new Funky Doomfist skin's Highlight Intro. While Highlight Intros have been a prominent cosmetic feature in Overwatch 2, this specific Doomfist skin seems to present a peculiar problem that may require some adjustments.

In Overwatch 2, players have the advantage of carrying forward their collected cosmetics from the original game, including skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, and more. With the continuous addition of cosmetic options through battle passes and the in-game shop, players have various ways to personalize their in-game experience. Highlight intros, exclusive to the player who achieved the play of the game, add a finishing touch to each match.

A Reddit user, Eastern-Chemistry-54, recently shared a clip showcasing two different Doomfist skins with the same Highlight Intro. Initially selecting the Bonebreaker skin with the Uppercut highlight intro, the player demonstrated Doomfist flexing his fist before executing the uppercut. Subtly, the large fist shook as it clenched just before the move. However, when the Highlight Intro was shown with the new Funky skin equipped, a noticeable difference became apparent. With the Funky skin, Doomfist exhibited a much more pronounced shaking of his fist before the signature move.


It remains uncertain whether the heightened shaking in the Funky Doomfist Highlight Intro is intentional or an oversight by Blizzard. Given that other skins display the Highlight Intro in the same manner as with the Bonebreaker skin, it suggests a potential issue with the Funky skin. Considering Blizzard's ongoing updates to Overwatch 2, it's plausible that this skin might undergo adjustments in a future patch.

For Overwatch 2 players interested in acquiring the eye-catching Doomfist skin, the Funky Doomfist bundle is available for 2,100 Overwatch Coins. This bundle includes the Funky skin, Get Down Highlight Intro, Disco Ball Weapon Charm, and Funky Fist Name Card. The cost for the 2,200 Coins required for the Funky Doomfist Bundle is $19.99. Any remaining Coins will be retained on the player's account for future in-game purchases.