Echo Fox will sell their slot in LCS

According to available information, Echo Fox has already found a potential buyer and will hold a business meeting in the near future, within which the sale of the slot will be discussed. ESPN Cybersport Portal, citing its own sources, said that buyers can be Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, who own FC Arsenal, the NBA club Denver Nuggets, as well as the NHL team of the Colorado Avalanche and the Overwatch line-up of Los Angeles Gladiators. Buyers of the transaction will have to cost $ 30,000,000.

Echo Fox is forced to sell its slot in the LoL Championship Series, as Riot Games obliged them to abandon the investor, who was implicated in a scandal with racist statements. Initially, management agreed to the requirements of LoL developers, after which they changed their mind. Representatives of Echo Fox suggested that the organizers of the LCS league divide the share of that investor between his family members, but Riot Games did not satisfy such a balance of things, and therefore Echo Fox still have to sell their slot in the LoL Championship Series.