League of Legends Unveils $400+ Skin in Hall of Legends Event: All You Need to Know

Riot Games has announced a surprising addition to League of Legends: a new skin valued at over $400. This luxurious skin is part of the Hall of Legends event, which celebrates legendary players in the history of League of Legends esports.

League of Legends, a popular MOBA game developed and published by Riot Games, was released in 2009. The game involves two teams of five players each, competing to destroy the opposing team's Nexus located in their base while defending their own. Players choose from a large pool of champions, each with unique abilities and roles, and engage in strategic team play and tactical combat across a dynamic battlefield. The game boasts a robust esports scene with professional leagues and international tournaments, making it a cornerstone of competitive gaming worldwide.

The Hall of Legends event, running from June 12 to July 8, is designed to celebrate the achievements of top esports players. This year's event focuses on Faker and his signature League of Legends champion Ahri, featuring special in-game content and cosmetics to commemorate his illustrious career. The event offers various collections, each more luxurious than the last. The pinnacle offering is the Signature Collection, priced at an astounding 59,260 Riot Points, equivalent to roughly $450. This premium collection includes Faker's Signature Move, unique structure finisher animations, and a special title, Final Boss Faker.

For more casual fans, the Risen Collection is available for 5,430 Riot Points (approximately $40). This includes the Risen Legend Ahri skin, a takedown counter taunt, and exclusive borders, icons, and emotes. For those willing to spend more, the Immortalized Collection costs a hefty 32,430 Riot Points (around $240). This collection features the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin, complete with exclusive visual effects, custom announcer audio, unique skin transformations with new voiceovers, and several other premium items. It also includes the Risen Legend Collection as a base. These new collections promise to be even more appealing than the best existing League of Legends skins.


League of Legends skins do not impact gameplay or provide any competitive advantage; they are purely aesthetic enhancements. Players can purchase skins through the in-game store using Riot Points, which are bought with real money, or occasionally earn skins through loot boxes, events, or other in-game rewards.

Riot Games has emphasized that a portion of the revenue from these sales will be shared with Faker and selected esports teams. As the Hall of Legends event approaches, some fans have already expressed negative reactions to these high-end offerings, believing that no skin is worth such a high price. Whether this event will be successful among the League of Legends community remains to be seen.

League of Legends' Hall of Legends Skins

Risen Collection (5,430 Riot Points)

Immortalized Collection (32,430 Riot Points)

Signature Collection (59,260 Riot Points)