Gen.G Triumphs at MSI 2024: Kalista and Senna Dominate the Meta

The Mid-Season Invitational 2024 has concluded, with Gen.G crowned champions on May 19 after a decisive victory over Bilibili Gaming in the final. The tournament featured a highly diverse meta, but two champions stood out in nearly every pick and ban phase.

These champions, the powerful AD carries Kalista and Senna, dominated the bottom lane meta. Interestingly, Kalista was also picked as a support three times. According to League stat site Oracle’s Elixir, Kalista and Senna reached a 91 percent pick and ban rate at MSI 2024. When played as ADC, Kalista had a 52 percent win rate, while Senna boasted an impressive 68 percent win rate.

Their prominence can be attributed to their unique abilities and scaling potential. Kalista's ultimate allows her to engage enemies and save teammates, and her mobility and power increase as the game progresses. Senna, on the other hand, scales by collecting Mists, enabling teams to pair her with aggressive supports like Ornn, enhancing their overall threat.

Gen.G Triumphs at MSI 2024: Kalista and Senna Dominate the Meta 1

Kalista and Senna were the only champions to exceed a 90 percent pick and ban rate. The next highest presence was K’Sante, who, despite poor performance in solo queue, is considered the strongest top laner in the competitive scene. His blend of tankiness and fighting prowess makes him a formidable addition to any team. Some fans even called for Riot Games to remove K’Sante from the game after witnessing his dominance in several matches at MSI 2024.

Other popular champions included Taliyah, Nautilus, Vi, Ashe, and Varus, all of whom had over a 70 percent pick and ban rate. However, only Ashe managed to achieve a win rate above 50 percent, as per Oracle’s Elixir.