First Look: Malphite's Stunning Visual Upgrade Teased in Latest LoL Skarner Video!

The recent Skarner theme video has unexpectedly unveiled details about an upcoming visual makeover for a popular League of Legends character. It seems Malphite, the stalwart top lane defender, is slated for a refresh, promising a new look and potentially updated visual effects for his skill set.

Eagle-eyed players noted in brief gameplay clips that Malphite appeared slightly altered from his customary appearance. His traditional form, which some feel no longer aligns with League's evolving, sleek design language, is set for a revamp.The updated Malphite showcases a more angular and menacing form, enhancing his lore as an indomitable rock formation prepared to weather any storm.

This new design was fleetingly revealed at the 1:50 mark during a scene where Skarner engages Malphite, Qiyana, and Milio, offering fans a preview of the visual enhancements in store.

While the exact release date for Malphite's visual update remains under wraps, its inclusion in promotional content suggests its arrival on the live servers might be sooner than anticipated.