Skarner's Stunning Transformation: Riot Unveils Timeline for Long-Awaited League of Legends Rework

Riot Games has set a timeframe for the eagerly anticipated visual and gameplay update (VGU) of Skarner in League of Legends. This update was shared by RiotBrightmoon on Reddit, indicating that Skarner’s rework will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) server soon, specifying a timeframe of weeks rather than months.

The company had initially intended to disclose the rework’s release details in a developer’s blog posted on February 29. However, they ultimately opted not to, concerned that repeated updates about Skarner, a topic spanning over two years, might lead to community fatigue.

The timeline provided suggests that the rework could launch with either patch 14.6 or 14.7, with PBE testing phases kicking off after March 6 and March 20, respectively. Thus, fans can look forward to experiencing the revamped Skarner in April.

This update marks one of Riot Games' most extended champion rework endeavors to date, with Skarner's VGU being officially announced on February 4, 2022, following a community vote.