A tournament for League of Legends is scheduled to take place at the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia

The organizers of the Esports World Cup 2024, scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia, intend to host a tournament for the game League of Legends. This information was reported by The Jacob Wolf Report, citing internal correspondence from Riot Games.

Discussions are underway about organizing a major international tournament with a record prize pool set for the first week of July, coinciding with the Esports World Cup. Additionally, Riot Games is reaching out to partner leagues, requesting a break in their summer splits specifically during this period.

The plan is to invite two teams from each major region (LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS) to participate in the tournament. Riot Games, however, will not influence the selection of teams taking part in the championship.

Representatives from Riot responded to The Jacob Wolf Report's inquiry, stating that the company is currently "in negotiations with various tournament organizers, including the Esports World Cup in esports, regarding the licensing of third-party events that will be included in the professional League of Legends ecosystem."

Esports World Cup could become the first international LoL tournament organized by someone other than Riot Games since 2017. The most recent such event was the Intel Extreme Masters 2017 in Katowice.