Shenyi and Takeover moved to the main TSM League of Legends roster

The North American esports organization TSM has announced changes to the main League of Legends roster, inviting Shenyi and Takeover from the youth team. However, Keaiduo and Yursan headed back to help TSM Academy as part of the LCS Academy Spring 2022.

Takeover and Shenyi have been playing for TSM Academy since April 2021 and February 2022 respectively. In turn, Keaiduo and Yursan have been TSM's main roster since December last year and February 2022, respectively.

TSM is currently participating in the LCS Spring 2022, where after four weeks it takes the last place. At the same time, TSM Academy is playing at the LCS Academy League Spring 2022, where it is also experiencing big problems, taking the last place in the standings.

From now on, the composition of TSM is as follows:

The roster of TSM Academy is as follows: