Botleiner BAO leaves DRX.C of his own free will

Today it became known that the Korean e-sports club DRX is leaving the player Chang 'BAO' Khion-woo.

Chang submitted the application himself, to which the DRX Challengers management reacted with mutual consent. Perhaps the situation was not critical for DRX given the presence of another carry on the bottomlaneunder the nickname Paduck.

DRX Challengers is the DRX roster for the LCK & CL Korean League of Legends. In 2021, the team, together with 'BAO', took part in the LCK CL 2021 Summer tournament, in which they managed to reach the playoffs by finishing 6th in the final stage. "We truly appreciate the contribution of BAO and wish you all the best for its future." - notes the organization DRX on Twitter.

The current composition of the team is as follows:

The DRX Challengers' coaching staff consists of Head Coach Ku 'Expession' Bong Tai, Coach Won 'Joono' Jun Ho.