Korean midlaner joins UOL Sexy Edition

Recently it became known that UOL Sexy Edition has acquired a new top lane player - iBo. Continuing to form the squad for the 2022 season, the 5th member of the team was introduced to the public, it became midlane Ruby.

Lee 'Ruby' Sol-Min is a 23-year-old South Korean esports player who plays in the Asian leagues.Ruby feels confident from the beginning of his career and reaches new heights every year. In the Chinese LPL 2020 in the spring and summer split, he represented the Rogue Warriors team, and participating in PCS 2021 he reached the playoffs twice as part of BOOM Esports.Ruby can indeed be called a strong addition to the current roster of Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition, how exactly the player will prove himself in the European region for the first time, time will tell.UOL is also awaiting Riot's final approval to bring Ruby to the team, which is being shared on Twitter.

The current composition of the team is as follows: