Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition signed a new shooter

Jona 'Reptile' Fritz, a German challenger with quite high scores in solo-q on multiple accounts, is the newest player as a shooter for League of Legends 'sexy unicorns'.

We learned about this from the official UoL Twitter page, where they greeted their newcomer.


Unicorns of Love is an esports organization based in Germany, but it would be fair to call it Russian. I am sure that many of them are known precisely because of their players from the CIS. Precisely because the guys entered the Worlds three times in a row from the LCL - that is, the Russian league.

But Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition is just their attempt to "get back to basics" in the European league. Although it is considered just an academic team. Since 2018, they have skated in qualifications and minors, where they showed themselves pretty well for their level.

Therefore, the new botliner should fit into the team pretty well. Previously, he had some experience in the pro scene with small teams like mYinsanity, Flayn Esports and Playing Ducks. However, in total, he spent no more than six months there.

Well, let's see what comes of it. Reptile looks pretty intriguing in terms of personal performance, but playing as a team is a little different. We'll watch him do the Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition.