Top Esports roster innovations

After yesterday's changes to the Top Esports rotation, new decisions of the organization became known:twit_1470999320824774657

Tian is a high-level jungler, joined the Top Esports team. The last 2 seasons were represented by FunPlus Phoenix, having played the World Championship 2021 with a result: 14th - 16th places.


Top Esports have announced the next jungler in their roster, a young Chinese player Wong 'Xiaopeng' Peng. The organization has high hopes for Wong, has done well with the training and has the right personality.


After successful training, Wayward toplainer was transferred from TES Challenger to the main team. This is a great decision on the part of the organization to independently nurture the players and give them the opportunity to prove themselves in the future. And now the time has come for Wayward, who performed well at LDL 2021, and now was able to completely retrain to the main Top Esports roster.


The last one to join Top Esports at the moment is the Zoom toplainer.

The organization notes his strengths in both offense and defense. And he believes that his arrival will bring more tactical decisions to the team.


Finally, TES said goodbye to bottom lane player Photic, who moved to Victory Five. A joint decision of friendly negotiations between both esports organizations and Photic himself, was his change of team.

At the moment, the composition of the team is as follows:

We look forward to the next TES announcements and the final draft of the players for the upcoming season.