PSG Talon announces roster for 2022

PSG Talon announces roster for 2022

The League of Legends esports organization PSG Talon has shared an updated roster of players for the upcoming season:

TOP: Azhi/Hanabi


MID: Bay/Kanna

ADC: Unified

SUPPORT: Kaiwing

In 2021, PSG Talon signed a contract with a new midlaner. In the regular season, they played 17: 1, bypassed J Team and Beyond Gaming, thereby winning admission to the MSI 2021 qualifier. Worlds 2021.

PSG Talon did not get eliminated from Summer Split 2021, but lost a playoff match to Beyond Gaming, which ended their winning streak. Regardless, they won the split, beating Beyond Gaming 3-2 in the final. As a result, they qualified for the 2021 World Cup. At Worlds 2021, they started their first week well, beating Hanwha Life Esports and Fnatic, but in week 2 they lost and were relegated in 9th-12th place, after Royal Never Give Up and Hanwha Life Esports.